Polyplas Global | Associates & Suppliers
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Associates & Suppliers


VMI, Holland

Tyre Building Machines

McNeil and NRM, USA

Curing Presses

Troester, Germany


Yxlon, Germany

X-Ray Systems for Tyres

Budde, Germany

Tyre Handling Systems

ZF, Germany

Rolling Resistance and Endurance testing Machines

Konstrukta, Slovakia

Extruders and Cutters

Vipo, Slovakia

Bead Winding Systems

Micro-Epsilon, Germany


Ilmberger, Germany

Tyre Spraying Units

Dalian Canmade, China

Mixing Mills

Finemac, China

Bead Apexing Systems

Raw Materials

Junma, China

Nylon-6 Tyre Cord

Kordsa Global, Turkey

Polyester and Nylon-66 Tyre Cord

Zeon, Japan

SBR, PBR and Other Synthetic Rubbers

Shanxi, China

Rubber Chemicals

Rayton , China

C-5 and Other Resins